MEET OUR STUDENTS: Anthony Vega: All-Star Reporter

Anthony Vega always sounds as if he’s enjoying himself and easily slips into a talk-show-host type of banter. A communication major, Vega said he is drawn to the entertainment side of the news industry. His ambition is to become a newscaster, a host, or, even better, a reporter interviewing celebrities on the red carpet.

“As a kid, I would approach my brother with a fake microphone and ask him a million questions,” said Vega, “or I would corner my mother and ask her in Spanish, ‘How was your day? What did you do at work?’ Annoyed, she would shoo me away, muttering, ‘You ask too many questions.’”

At the Law and Government Academy in Hartford, Conn., where he attended high school, Vega extended his interests to theater. He was cast in “Break Dancing Shakespeare” in his sophomore year and would go on to take the lead in every school play thereafter. He also became a member of the debate team, student government, and joined the swim team and soccer team. In his senior year, he was named valedictorian.

Outlets for his ambitions continued at RIC, where he is a member of the Theatre Club and performs with RIC’s Mainstage Theatre. Though Vega is enamored with the stage, he admits to having the occasional pre-performance jitters. He said, “Because I have a Spanish accent, I start to doubt myself, and I worry that I won’t be understood.” But after giving himself a dose of self-talk to assuage his fears, he eventually takes the spotlight like a seasoned Jay Leno, filled with energy and enthusiasm. 

He also participates in Student Community Government, Inc. at RIC and was made hall counsel member for his residential suite and student peer counselor.

An honors student, Vega is the recipient of a $5,900 communication award by the Michael Gonsalves Scholarship Committee for academic excellence and for demonstrating a strong commitment to community service. He also received a $400 merit-based scholarship by the RIC Alumni Association. 

He said, “What I enjoy most about RIC is the personal relationships with the faculty. I can email Professor Galvez questions about an assignment, and no matter what time it is, he will always reply within five minutes or less. And whenever I have a question about the ‘real world’ of work in the communication field, he always has the greatest advice.”

“I’m far from my home in Connecticut,” he said. “I’m the first in my immediate family to go to college. But I don’t feel alone at RIC. I feel like everyone supports everyone here. That’s what I love about RIC.”