RIC Students Move Back to Campus 

As Lori Bacon stood outside New Hall at Rhode Island College on a rainy Sunday morning, waiting for her daughter, Kelly Noonan, to finish checking in for her senior year here, she was grateful for one thing.

“Thank goodness this is the last move in,” Bacon said. “Though, it does get easier every time.”

College move in days are notoriously hectic for all involved – students, their families, and staff – but Bacon was really joking as she and her other children helped Kelly return to RIC for the last time. The family – big brother Kyle Noonan and younger siblings Kimber and Dylan Bacon – smiled and laughed easily for a group photo.

About 1,200 Rhode Island College students moved into campus housing between Aug. 31 and Sept. 1. The Labor Day weekend holiday brought with it some less than ideal weather, with drizzles to downpours intermittently causing quick cover-ups of students’ belongings and minor frustrations, but the process went extremely well according to Brian Lalli, assistant director of residential life and housing.

“It went off without a hitch,” Lalli said. “We’re glad to be a part of everyone’s first day of college and giving them a good first impression of RIC. Our staff worked very hard, and it showed in how smoothly everything went.”

Residential life and housing divided move in into two days and split those two days into two time periods according to students’ last names. The office also hired security to help traffic flow as cars pulled up and families unloaded their gear.

“We followed what worked last year,” Lalli said. “Having security help with traffic and parking prevents parents from getting tired and frustrated.”

Also helping were student hall advisors and volunteers, who assisted families in unloading and carrying suitcases, storage boxes and other items into the halls. The student volunteers also helped fix any minor problems in dorm rooms, such as a missing piece of furniture.

“We really rely on our students,” Lalli said. “They do the majority of the behind the scenes stuff.”

Jessica Piazza, a Rhode Island College sophomore, had no problems with her move in experience as she was helped by her younger brother, Peter.

“I know more this year so it’s a little easier,” Piazza said. “Plus, I’m very excited to be back at school.”