New RIC Parents Get Their Own Orientation 

Chris and Kristina Fleischmann's daughter Katrina will study nursing at RIC as a member of the Class of 2017.

Chris and Kristina Fleischmann's daughter Katrina will study nursing at RIC as a member of the Class of 2017.


Parents of incoming college freshmen may have as many questions and concerns as their children regarding campus life, financial aid, courses and many other aspects of the collegiate experience.  To help parents assist their children’s transition from high school to college, and to help navigate their own change to parents of college students, Rhode Island College holds a series of parent orientation programs.

RIC President Nancy Carriuolo offered a welcome to parents at the start of a day-long program in June.

Bill and Charlene Fraiser of Coventry attended the program. Their daughter Megan will enter RIC this fall undecided on her major. Charlene Fraiser was eager to talk to faculty advisors and counselors about courses so that she might help her daughter choose a major.  “I’ve also never been to campus and wanted to see it,” Fraiser said. “I wanted to see what choices she has. RIC was a good choice for her because she didn’t want to leave home and she has a lot of friends coming here.”

Several dozen parents attended a breakfast during which advisors sat with them to answer questions one-on-one before attendees moved on to workshops. RIC faculty and staff held sessions on residence hall living, financial aid and student billing, and how parents can assist their children in meeting academic and non-academic expectations. Parents also had the chance to learn about student health services, dining options and programming.

Chris and Kristina Fleischmann of Middletown were at the program because their daughter Katrina will be a nursing major at RIC as a member of the class of 2017.

“Katrina investigated all of the area nursing programs and found RIC’s was the best,” Kristina Fleischmann said. “Then when she came to orientation, she was really impressed. I’m excited for her.”

The Fleischmans, who said they bought Smartphones so they could ‘Facetime’ with their daughter, have been to RIC for a few visits but were interested in learning all they could about financial aid.

Cheryl and Steve Lomas of Saunderstown were repeat attendees at parents’ orientation. Their son James, a justice studies major, is returning for his sophomore year this fall. Their daughter, Allison, will be a freshman in the nursing program.

Cheryl Lomas said she is pleased that her daughter will have James around to help her navigate campus life. The Lomas parents were at the orientation just to make sure they were caught up on RIC life.

“It’s just a refresher to maybe pick up on something,” Cheryl Lomas said.