Rhode Island College, Office of College Communications and Marketing, News Release

Contact: Mancy Wray Dion at adion_7463@email.ric.edu


Democracy Wall Project at Rhode Island College, April 17-May 9

PROVIDENCE, R.I.–The Democracy Wall Project, designed by students in a communication and civic engagement course at Rhode Island College, will be on exhibit from April 17 to May 9 in the foyer of Gaige Hall. 

This is an interactive display of written opinions by RIC students, faculty and staff that allows for an open exchange of ideas on current and controversial issues. Project members hope that the wall will generate increased interaction among members of the campus community.

Schools such as Indiana, Purdue, Carlton, and Pepperdine Universities have had successful free speech wall projects that created abundant participation by students, and some even attracted attention by national media. Rhode Island College organizers would like to leave the same legacy at the college. They are encouraging the campus community to “Bring a marker and an open mind!”

A new question will be posted on the wall periodically. Participants are encouraged to respond, while honoring three rules: no profanity, no personal attacks and stay on topic.

A box will be provided for those who want to submit their comments anonymously. Students monitoring the project will add those responses to the wall.

Upon completion of this project, organizers hope to establish a permanent Democracy Wall at Rhode Island College.

Facebook: RIC Democracy Wall

Twitter: @RIC_Dem_Wall