Dozens Attend First Global Lens Film Series Premiere at RIC

More than 80 Rhode Island College students and community members filled Alger Hall Room 110 to watch “Cairo 678,” the premiere film of RIC’s showing of the Global Lens Film Series on March 5.

“It went exceptionally well,” said Anthony Galvez, RIC assistant professor of communication, who brought the Global Lens Film Series to RIC last year. ”The students I have seen since the premiere are still talking about the film,

RIC is the only institution in the state with exclusive rights to the Global Lens Film Series, the most popular program of the non-profit Global Film Initiative, an organization that promotes little-known films from across the world that are not normally found in the United States.

In partnership with the Providence Public Library, RIC will show these international films to the college and local community at no cost.

The first in this year's series wasd “Cairo 678,” an Egyptian film from 2010, highlights issues of gender equality and sexual harassment through the lives of three Cairene women from different backgrounds.

After the film, Katherine Wilson ’12, a former RIC student, and RIC Professor Emerita of Anthropology Carolyn Fleuhr-Lobban led a discussion about these issues.

“Both of them have extensive knowledge about issues from the film through their studies, and also from living in Egypt,” said Galvez. “They led a very spirited discussion about gender inequality and sexual harassment, both in Egypt and globally.”

The next segment of the GLFS, a 2012 film from Iraq titled “About 111 Girls,” follows an Iranian government official as he races to stop 111 young Kurdish women from committing suicide in protest of the conditions that have made them spinsters.

The Global Lens Film Series schedule is as follows:

RIC                                                                                            Providence Public Library

Monday, March 18                                                                      Thursday, March 21

“About 111 Girls”                                                                        “About 111 Girls”


Monday, April 1                                                                           Thursday, April 11

“Beijing Flickers”                                                                         “Beijing Flickers”


Monday, April 15                                                                         Thursday, April 25

“Modest Reception”                                                                     “Modest Reception”


Monday, April 29                                                                         Sunday, May 5

“The Parade”                                                                               “The Parade”

All screenings of the Global Lens Film Series are free and open to the public. Future RIC showings will be held at 4 p.m. in the Adams Library Fortes Room, or at the Providence Public Library at 6 p.m.

For more information on the Global Lens Film Series, contact Anthony Galvez at (401) 456-8270 or

RIC's Anthony Galvez introduces the Global Lens Film Series Premiere on March 5.