RIC Welcomes 167 Freshmen Honor Students to The 3.50 Society

Nearly 170 Rhode Island College freshmen who achieved a grade point average of 3.50 or higher in the fall semester have been inducted as charter members of The 3.50 Society, to recognize academic excellence.

Some of the students' parents drove from as far away as New Jersey and Washington, D.C., to attend the special ceremony Tuesday (March 5). Also present were academic deans, members of the President’s Council and other members of the RIC community.

The induction was led by RIC Vice President for Academic Affairs Ron Pitt and assisted by Holly Shadoian, assistant vice president for Academic Affairs.

Spencer Hall, RIC professor of English, director of RIC’s Honors Program and faculty advisor of The 3.50 Society, explained that RIC's chapter is seeking to become a part of Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD), a national honor society for freshmen that honors high academic achievement in the first year of college. “Once The 3.50 Society is approved as a chapter, members will be invited to join Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD),” he said.

ALD has 260 chapters in the U.S. The 3.50 Society will be the first in Rhode Island. Becoming an official chapter will allow 3.50 Society members access to both undergraduate and graduate scholarships, among other opportunities.

The students’ rite of passage began with a recital of The 3.50 Society pledge, led by Pitt. He then called each student to the stage to receive a certificate, after which the students signed the ALD charter roll. This roll will be submitted to ALD as part of RIC’s membership petition.

Upon the conclusion of the ceremony, Hall reminded the inductees that in their “continued pursuit of academic excellence, not to forget to do things that are spontaneous and fun.”

In that regard, he invited the honorees to use kazoos to sound a humorous version of the traditional trumpet fanfare, saying: “let the sound of the kazoos be heard throughout the land.”

Pitt ended the brief ceremony by congratulating the students. "May you find in the years ahead the rewards of an educated person – imagination, adventure, humor, compassion and understanding. May you have tolerance in your dealings with all persons, generosity in giving to those in need and insight into the feelings of others. In relating to your education to the world in which you live, you can make a meaningful contribution to society.”

2013 Charter Members of the 3.50 Society

Jackeline Aguirre
Christina Albanese
Annie Alcantara
Nicole Alvernaz
Danielle Ascoli
Danny Avila
Erica Bacon
Zachary Bain
Joseph Barbagallo
Jessica Barbosa
Nicole Baribault
Brianna Barlow
Matthew Barrette
Rachel Battista
Rivkah Berkman
Grace Bevilacqua
Aaron Blanck
Steven Booth
Elisa Boschetti
Aaron Bowen
Zachary Brinz
Kendra Cabral
Ava Callery
Cassandra Camacho
Elizabeth Capoverde
Tayla Cardillo
Corey Carvalho
Lauren Cayer
Emily Chase
Jared Cheves
Justin Cheves
Alyssa Chito
Melissa Choiniere
Laura Comire
Courtney Contente
Dora Cooney
Maura Corbin
Frank Corominas
Samantha Costa
Torey Cotrone
Judith Crumrine
Samuel D'Amore
Cendy De La Rosa
Jeleny De Leon
Nicholas DeLuca
Tyler Dean
Alyssa Del Toro
William DelSanto
Sarah Depamphilis
Cassidy Des Roches
Gian DiCostanzo
Miranda DiPetrillo
Alyssa Dias
Dominique Dinitto
Lainey Dionne
Makeda Edwards
Jocelyn Emin
Andy Estevez
Mary Feeley
Emily Fisher
Michael Fonseca
Anya Fox
Nicole Gauvin
David Geer
Jesse Gingras
Vineela Goli
Reison Gomez
Franklyn Gonzalez
Sarah Goodwin
Maggie Habershaw
Anna Hardiman
Victoria Hernandez
Katherine Hitte
James Hobson
Esohe Irabor
Adam Jacques
Michaella Jarest
Kristen Jeffrey
Alexandra Johnson
Heron Kennedy
Laura Kennedy
Alee Khang
Megan Kiely
Tess Kilbane
Megan King
Erin Kissinger
Nicole Kulczyk
Emma Lafleur
Elisabeth Lamantia
Karli Lamontagne
Kayla-Christie Laroche
Abbie Leazes
Yudith Ledesma
Jennifer Lemos
May Leung
Patricia Lima
Tori Lussier
Kelly Lyman
Christian Lynch
Cara Madonna
Michael Main
Michelle Malboeuf
Christine Martinelli
Alyssa Martins
Marykatherine McCutcheon
Shawn McMaugh
Laura Medeiros
Eniraide Medina
Esi Mensah
Rachel Meyen
Evan Migliore
Michael Minogue
Athina Mitakis
Emily Montalbano
Richard Moore
Melissa Morales
Angela Morrissey
Kevin Myette
Charbel Najem
Nicole Navarro
Francis O'Hara
Andrew O'Neil
Hollie Ostrowsky
Thomas Palleschi
Edward Pannone
Nicholas Paolantonio
Victoria Parker
Franklin Patton
Alexander Payne
Brian Pelletier
Zakary Pereira
Kyle Penrod
Jessica Piazza
Kayla Rebello
Christopher Rei-Mohammed
Amy Richards
Kimberly Rigano
Brandon Romauld
Kerri Rubino
Michael Ryder
Joseph Sacchetti
Fedcanor Sainristil
Alison Saraiva
Casey Schnetzer
Joseph Sherry
April Silva
Katie Small
Sarah Snell
William Speck
Taylor Spellman
Madison Spoerer
Bruce Stadelbauer
Michelle Stanley
Livia Stencel
Morgan Stewart
Alyssa Stuart
Alexis Surprenant
Lauren Sylvia
Emily Thompson
Kristen Treganowan
David Valdes
Nevan Valente
Alexandra Vielman
Ryan Viveiros
Janitra Walker
Brittany Waters
Helena Widmann
Caroline Zanni