Students Learn Value of Internships at RIC Event

Tim Hebert, CEO of Atrion Networking Corporation

Tim Hebert, CEO of Atrion Networking Corporation


Student internships not only provide hands-on experience in the workplace, but also give students an edge when applying for jobs, according to speakers at an Internship Showcase at Rhode Island College sponsored by the Office of Career Development.

Tim Hebert, CEO of Atrion Networking Corporation, the keynote speaker, talked about what students can expect to gain from an internship, the qualities sought in an intern and how interns can maximize the benefits of their experience. His company has supported numerous on-campus career programs over the years.

In addition, about 20 RIC students offered insights about their internship experiences.

“When choosing an internship, go outside your comfort zone,” said Lauren Malloy, an operations management major. She said she worked for several retail clothing companies before obtaining an internship as assistant manager at CVS “Switching to a pharmaceutical retail store was a drastic change,” she said, “and one that has paid off tremendously, with so much knowledge gained and friends made.”  

Besides providing experience, internships also help ease “post-graduation anxiety,” said Nikolas Gilbert-DeCraca, RIC computer science major who had an internship as a programmer for Delta Dental.

It’s also important to treat an internship as a job, advised Emmanuel Amos, a graphic design major who worked for the Rhode Island Lottery. “Show up on time, go above and beyond what is expected of you [and] take the initiative to contribute ideas,” he said.