RIC President Creates Chocolate Treats for Valentine's Day

A team of chefs helped Rhode Island College President Nancy Carriuolo share the love this Valentine’s Day by teaching her how to make chocolates for her husband, Ralf.

The lessons stemmed from a gift Carriuolo had received from Johnson & Wales University President Mim Runey, who had presented the Carriuolos with a tray of homemade candies during the recent holidays.

Carriuolo so admired the chocolates that Runey arranged for a private candy-making lesson by the pastry chefs at JWU’s Harborside Campus, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Carriuolo visited the JWU kitchens earlier this week, where she was presented with a traditional chef’s jacket and taught a variety of chocolate tempering and filling techniques. At the end of the lesson, she had a lovely assortment of handmade chocolate truffles and molded candies, decorated, layered and boxed.

“I truly appreciated the opportunity to learn from some such a talented team of chocolatiers,” Carriuolo said. “No doubt my husband will appreciate it even more."