RIC’s Ladd Raising Awareness of Problem Gambling Among Senior Citizens

In an effort to bring attention to the issue of problem gambling among senior citizens, George Ladd, an associate professor of psychology at Rhode Island College, will be presenting his research on this topic at the Rhode Island Division of Elderly Affairs Training Academy on Feb. 12, the Rhode Island Senior Centers Directors Association meeting on March 6 and the Prime Time Senior Living Expo on April 10.

Data suggest that about 80 percent of Rhode Island adults over the age of 65 have gambled within the past year, and 15 percent of those may be problem gamblers. That translates to more than 13,000 senior adults in Rhode Island who may require risk reduction or treatment for problem gambling. Ladd suggests that clinicians and staff members at senior centers need to have an increased awareness of problem gambling among seniors. He further recommends that senior centers provide a wider range of attractive social activities that do not involve gambling.