Exhibit Features Some of RI’s Finest Artists Including RIC Alum

“The Art League of Rhode Island: New Work/New Year,” an exhibit at Bannister Gallery that runs through Feb. 1, showcases some of the finest artists in Rhode Island, many of whom are graduates of Rhode Island College.


Marjorie Ball ’79 has been a professional oil painter for more than 25 years, painting the people and places of Rhode Island and Williamsburg, Va. She said, “I paint familiar scenes from novel perspectives. I want to share the glow of the afternoon sun as it warms the side of a white farmhouse, the lights of a city swooping down the highway . . .”  In 2007, her painting “Approaching Providence” was awarded first prize in the Scenes of Rhode Island Exhibit.

Traces I, Traces II, Marjorie Ball.


“Every time I approach the blank white paper, I take a unique journey unlike the last, and never like the next,” said Lorraine Bromley ’79, M’85, PhD’12. 

After concentrating in studio arts at Rhode Island College, Bromley became a professional graphic designer for 30 years and is proprietor of Lorraine DESIGNS.

”I now use the tools of the [graphic arts] trade to shape my ideas into fine art. I admire patterns, texture, color, the practice of brushstrokes, layering techniques and the lettering arts,” she said. 


Spill, Lorraine Bromley


Alice Gebhart ’78, M’87 said her father and grandfather were practicing artists. She carries on the tradition with her kiln-fired glass art. Her technique involves cutting the colored glass, layering it in a collage-type formation, and then firing it in the kiln. As the glass melts and melds together, Gebhart said she “experiences a certain abandonment of control over the outcome.”

The fusing process (firing from 1250-1500 degrees) is repeated, often several times, until the desired effect is achieved. The finishing treatment involves applying black scraffito lines and flowing lines of 23-carat gold to the surface then putting the piece back in the kiln for its final firing.

”As with many artistic adventures,” she said, “learning the process takes an afternon, but takes a lifetime to master.”

Beyond the Highway, Alice Gebhart


Richard Harrington ’65, MEd’68 earned his BS in industrial arts and his MEd in special education from Rhode Island College and emerged a skilled painter and art teacher of watercolor, acrylic and monotype drawing and painting. He uses strong composition and saturated color, and his paintings range from realistic to abstract.

Through the Trees, Richard Harrington 


Regina Partridge ’62, M’85, H’12 is a Rhode Island artist who has been exhibiting her paintings, drawings and prints since 1988. Her art has been included in many private and corporate collections, and resulted in numerous awards. In 2012 she earned the Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree from Rhode Island College. She is a partner in Studio Goddard Partridge, a printmaking studio located in the Arts District in Pawtucket. 

Off Shore, Regina Partridge 

The Art League of Rhode Island: New Work/New Year exhibit is being curated by Judith Tolnick Champa, independent curator and editor-in-chief of Art New England. Champa will also be member of a distinguished panel of artists titled “The Curator’s Role, Shifting Focus: Conversations in Contemporary Curating,” which will be held at Bannister Gallery on Saturday (Feb. 2) at 11:00 a.m.