RIC Students: 10 New Year's Resolutions for 2013

As the new year begins, we asked two RIC officials who regularly interact with students to suggest resolutions for students for 2013. Here are the recommendations that were given by Scott Kane, dean of students, and Antoinette Gomes, director of the Unity Center:

1. Prioritize your studies.

2. Shut off electronic communication devices at least four days every month.

3. Take advantage of campus events that broaden your perspective.

4. Become more self-aware.

5. Embrace ethnic studies.

6. Follow @DeanStudentsRIC on Twitter for daily updates on important happenings at RIC.

7. Check your RIC email regularly.

8.  Get involved in a student club or organization on campus. (Research shows that students who engage in college life outside the classroom are more likely to be academically successful.)

9. Visit the Career Development Center to learn more about majors, careers and internships.

10. Hug your family.

Gomes had one more suggestion, not only for students but for everyone – “continuously examine your resolve.”

Happy New Year, Rhode Island College.