RIC honors employees with 40 or more years of service  

Rhode Island College President Nancy Carriuolo recognized an exclusive group of current and former RIC employees – those with 40 or more years of service to the college. The list includes 19 still working at RIC and nine retirees, many of whom were on hand at a Nov. 16 reception at the President’s House. Each employee received a plaque to commemorate the accomplishment.

Pictured above, from left, are John Williams, Jason Blank, Joan Rollins, Madeline Nixon, John Nazarian, Dennis McGovern, Nancy Carriuolo, Richard Prull, Nancy Oppenlander, Kathryn Gray Sasso, Spencer Hall, David Thomas, Neil Gonsalves, John Perkins and Sharon Giacobbi.

List of 40-year honorees

English Professor Spencer Hall, who has been at RIC for 40 years, said, “In retrospect, it has been amazing to see the changes at the college over the years in terms of people, programs, and buildings. At the same time, there has been a continuity that has made the college seem very much like home. Personally, I am intrigued and a bit beguiled by what I perceive to be my own gradual transition from a young Turk to part of the ivy-encrusted establishment.”

Richard Prull, assistant vice president for Information Services, said the college has afforded him the chance to serve in “a number of different capacities and, most importantly, to work with many fine and dedicated colleagues.” Prull, who has been on the job at RIC for 44 years, added, “I am grateful for that, and hope that I have been able to make some contribution to the success of the college during this time.”