New RIC graduates share their success stories  

Each year, Rhode Island College graduates go on to pursue a vast and varied array of careers. Highlighted below are two new grads whose experiences at RIC sparked a passion for their particular field of interest and helped guide them to their new lives beyond the college campus.

Angela Jacavone
Angela Jacavone ’12, MIT lab technician
Graduating biological chemistry major Angela Jacavone of Johnston, landed a position as a lab technician at MIT and credits her RIC professors.

“I received an excellent education at RIC. The teaching is very personalized. And because of the small size of the Chemistry Department, I was able to do two years’ of research, which I wouldn’t have been able to do at another school that has too many students and not enough staff.”

She credited John Williams, RIC professor of physical sciences, for teaching her research and proper lab protocol. She credited Professor Karen Almeida ’94 for equipping her with the biochemistry skills she’ll be using at MIT. And she credited Marc Lamontagne, professor of physical sciences, “for giving great life advice.”

Lessons learned, Jacavone now has her sights set on medical school. “Working in MIT’s lab for a year will help solidify my decision to either become a doctor or a doctor who also does research,” she said. “I’ve already begun applying to medical school.”

Mariama Kurbally
Mariama Kurbally ’12, Teach for America trainee
Recent RIC grad Mariama Kurbally, a political science major, has a passion for promoting educational equality.

She – along with RIC senior Kristina Grande – will travel to Detroit and Chicago this summer to train with Teach for America, a nonprofit organization that works to eliminate inequality in education by training high-achieving college grads to teach in low-income communities in the U.S.

Kurbally, who will teach in a Detroit public school this fall, credits RIC for preparing her for a program like Teach for America.

“My involvement on campus and in the Rhode Island community as a service learner has really allowed me to refine my skills and grow in a way that I am confident, ready and capable of handling this challenge,” she said. “I am very proud to be a part of the Rhode Island College family.”

Kurbally added, “Rhode Island College has played a key role in equipping me with the skills to succeed in this program by cultivating the principles of servant leadership, helping me find my voice and nurturing my passion for working on critical issues affecting the must vulnerable populations – children and impoverished communities – nationwide."

Through interdisciplinary, rigorous course work and many experiential learning opportunities, I have the solid foundational skills that will equip me to tackle the challenges my students face through a holistic approach to teaching.”