RIC students attend Northeast Regional Honors Council conference in Baltimore

At the conference banquet are, from left, Julianne Smith (English), Jessica Hunter (Psychology), Sathiarith Chau (Psychology), Prof. Spencer Hall (Director of Honors), Julie Vangyzen (Music), Amy Audet (Social Work), and Brittany Richer (Secondary Education-English). Not shown are Michaela Del Gallo and Cody O'Rourke (both from Communications).

Eight RIC students attended the Northeast Regional Honors Council conference in Baltimore, Maryland, April 12-15, where they gave presentations based on their respective departmental honors projects, met honors students from around the region, and explored Baltimore's revitalized inner harbor area.

As part of RIC's Convocation of Scholars ceremonies, these students, along with others who are completing departmental honors projects in their respective majors, will participate in an Honors Poster Session on Monday, April 30, from 1-3 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom.

"The college community is both invited and encouraged to come by the session to view the impressive academic work being done by our undergraduates," said Spencer Hall, director of the College Honors Program.