RIC economics students present at annual Eastern Economic Association conference

Two undergraduate economics majors in the RIC School of Management presented their research papers at the 38th annual Eastern Economic Association conference, held from March 9 to 11 in Boston.

From left to right, Suchandra Basu, Sanae Tashiro, Giordon Gill, William Murphy and Alema Karim at the annual Eastern Economics Association meeting on March 9.
Giordon Gill, a senior economics student, gave a presentation of his paper, “Blown Away: A Look At How Wind Power Can Help Rhode Island Meet Its Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Obligation.” William Murphy, a junior economics major, presented his paper titled, “Incorporating Coastal Erosion into the Tourist Economy.”

Gill and Murphy participated in the Undergraduate Economic Research Initiative (UERI), a first-year pilot study to promote undergraduate research for economics majors at RIC, created by Sanae Tashiro, assistant professor of economics.

“Undergraduate students conducting academic private research is a product of learning,” said Tashiro. “As an educator, I believe that a research opportunity is important for all students.”

Tashiro has served as a mentor to Giordon and Murphy since they began their research in the fall of 2011, meeting with them at least once each month to oversee and support their studies. Suchandra Basu, assistant professor of economics, has also served as a mentor for them.

Though a majority of the 100 presentations given at the conference were given by students from schools in the Northeast, colleges and universities across the nation also sent undergraduates to present, said Tashiro.

“The students were able to engage in a stimulating intellectual discussion at their sessions, interact with peers and professors from other schools and generate a scholarly network,” Tashiro said. “They were able to get an idea of how research is conducted differently outside Rhode Island College – which was a great opportunity for them – while at the same time attending a professional economic conference.”

Tashiro and Alema Karim, associate professor of economics, also presented papers at the meeting.

In the future, Tashiro hopes that private undergraduate research projects similar to UERI will spread to other disciplines in the School of Management.

For more information, contact Sanae Tashiro at (401) 456-9637 or stashiro@ric.edu.