RIC American Marketing Association wins record 4 awards at International Collegiate Conference

RIC AMA members celebrate receiving four awards with a group photo taken after the AMA conference's awards banquet on March 24.

RIC AMA members celebrate receiving four awards with a group photo taken after the AMA conference's awards banquet on March 24.
The Rhode Island College chapter of the American Marketing Association (RIC AMA) brought home some new hardware from the 34th Annual AMA International Collegiate Conference held in New Orleans from March 22-24.

The RIC AMA won four awards – a record for the chapter – for outstanding communications, membership and chapter planning. The chapter also received second place and $750 for its National AMA Saves Lives campaign video, which raised awareness about the importance of being an organ donor.

“The accomplishments of our group are truly remarkable,” said Scott Houle, RIC AMA’s vice president of communications. “Our executive board made it a point to stay consistent with our message and keep members actively involved because we know most students are commuters with busy lives.”

Consisting of about 12 active members, the RIC AMA is a relatively small chapter compared to other schools competing in the conference. Nonetheless, they were able to hold their own against over 100 other colleges and universities, totaling more than 1,400 students.

“We went from zero awards in the 2011 AMA Collegiate Conference to four awards in 2012,” said Kayla Lukin, president of the RIC AMA. “We definitely earned the recognition we received this year and I could not be happier for our members.”

Social media was utilized by the group on a regular basis to make RIC students aware of the chapter, which may have helped lead to the increase in membership involvement since last year. RIC AMA is active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as its official website, www.ric-ama.com.

“I really wanted to connect with and appeal to fellow students in a familiar, non-abrasive way,” said Houle. “We wanted people to see the RIC AMA for what it is, a perfect mix of professionalism and play.”

The RIC AMA was also involved in other activities at the conference like the Pearson Case Competition, t-shirt competition, booth exhibits, team-building seminars and the Strategic Allocation of Business Resources (SABRE) simulation.

For those interested in joining the RIC American Marketing Association, the organization meets every Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. in Alger Hall 108. Several executive board positions are open to ambitious students looking to develop professionally while building their resume.