Bannister Gallery adds a new venue for exhibitions

During your next visit to Bannister Gallery, you may find yourself lingering a little longer. That’s because this month, Bannister has added the new Focus Gallery, which joins the main gallery and Hall Space Gallery as part of a triple feature of art shows.

The new venue, located just inside the entrance to the main gallery, is currently displaying lithographs by Roger Shimomura.

James Montford, Bannister Gallery director, stands inside the newly opened Focus Gallery.
This gallery-within-a-gallery provides an intimate setting for smaller shows, and as the third area for display, it will allow even more artists to showcase their works at the already busy Bannister.

According to Bannister director James Montford, the Focus Gallery will feature a display of contemporary art, but with a different, well, focus.

“It allows us the ability to bring in an artist who works on a smaller scale,” he said. Many artists who work in this way would not be interested or able to fill Bannister’s much more spacious main gallery, explained Montford.

These compact shows could potentially explore experimental work and alternative media such as video, said Montford, who added that the new venue would offer opportunity to respond more readily to faculty and departments who want to focus on social or political movements.

The Focus Gallery follows Bannister’s previous expansion, the Hall Space Gallery, introduced in 2002. It is located in a walkway adjacent to the main gallery, and often used for separate shows of works on paper, photos and small paintings.

A full schedule of Focus Gallery exhibitions will begin this fall. In the meantime, the plan is to add more lighting, upgrade the wall space and make other modifications to the new display area.

The collection of lithographs by Roger Shimomura will be on display through April 6. For information on event dates and exhibit opening receptions, check the website at or call (401) 456-9765.