Brain Awareness: RIC to offer new minor in behavioral neuroscience

With March 12 marking the start of 2012 Brain Awareness Week, it is the perfect time to announce the implementation of a new minor in Behavioral Neuroscience at Rhode Island College.

Offered in conjunction with the RIC Psychology Department, the minor will be implemented in the fall of 2012. The program seeks to prepare students for diverse careers or graduate study in fields related to brain and behavioral science. It incorporates 24 credits from several foundational psychology, biology and chemistry courses in addition to core courses in neuroscience.

The field of behavioral neuroscience studies human and animal behavior in relation to biological, physiological, genetic and developmental mechanisms. Like adventurers embarking into a micro universe, neuroscientists explore mechanisms of brain function seeking to understand behavior and develop treatments for neurological disorders.

National and international trends suggest rapid and sustained growth in neuroscience related academic programs and continued job opportunities for those with training in the biobehavioral sciences. The state of Rhode Island has itself seen an expansion of neuroscience programs in recent years, including the University of Rhode Island’s interdisciplinary graduate program in neuroscience, the Rhode Island Hospital Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute and the Brown Institute for Brain Science.

The new minor in behavioral neuroscience at Rhode Island College is a reflection of the many exciting initiatives in brain science around the state, region and beyond.

For more information about the minor in Behavioral Neuroscience at Rhode Island College, go to or contact Steven Threlkeld at 456-8585.