RIC to offer minor in coaching in fall 2012

Many who enter the coaching field lack the necessary knowledge and experience to adequately coach using currently accepted practices.

The Health and Physical Education Department will offer RIC students an opportunity to become competent in all aspects of successful coaching by earning a minor in the subject beginning this fall.

The minor will also prepare students for certification in coaching, which is a requirement in most states.

Designed to develop competency in the coaching responsibilities for those working with youth and interscholastic athletes as well as adults, the coaching minor can be attained by any undergraduate student in the college community.

Coaching Minor Requirements

PED 201: Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
PED 205: Conditioning for Personal Fitness
PED 243: Foundations of Movement
PED 278: Coaching Skills and Tactics
PED 308: Science of Coaching
PED 408: Coaching Applications

All courses are 3 credits for a total of 18 credits.

Also required is a current First Aid/CPR (infant, child and adult with AED) certification.

PED 201, PED 205, PED 243 and PED 308 (prerequisites) will be offered during the spring 2012 semester.

A series of courses will help students develop interpersonal skills to effectively interact with colleagues, players, parents and officials, and offer insight into how to coach with ethics, sportsmanship and stay within the educational philosophy of schools.

Students will also learn how to evaluate players’ skills and tactics (what a player does to get an advantage over an opponent within the game), then give appropriate feedback to the group or an individual.

Developing effective practice and game plans will also be addressed, as well as gaining expertise in dealing with emergency situations that may arise at practice or competitions.

For more information about the coaching minor, contact Robin Kirkwood Auld, associate professor of physical education, at (401) 456-8880 or rauld@ric.edu.