RIC to introduce new general-education program – a ‘landmark’ event for college

RIC President Nancy Carriuolo recently approved the college’s first new general-education program in nearly 20 years.

The program, set to start this fall, was termed “a landmark event in the life of the college and a step forward for Rhode Island College students” by Ron Pitt, RIC vice president for academic affairs.

“President Carriuolo and I are really proud of this community for coming to grips with and successfully completing what is known to be one of the most difficult but important tasks in higher education – revising general education,” Pitt said in an email to the RIC community.

He recognized the Gen Ed Task Force, chaired by Maureen Reddy; the Committee on General Education, chaired by Laura Cooley, then Jim Magyar; and the Council of Rhode Island College, chaired by Jeff Blais;

Pitt paid special thanks to the faculty at large, “who took collective responsibility for the discussion of general education and who focused the conversation on students and their learning.”

With so many changes to go into effect surrounding the program, a phase-in plan has been developed by Earl Simson, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Look for a detailed description of the new general-education program and its expected impact on the college and students in a future What’s News @ RIC story.