RIC's American Democracy Project presents 'The making of a candidate,' Nov. 15

The American Democracy Project (ADP) at Rhode Island College, a campus initiative that promotes political engagement throughout the state, has again joined forces with NBC-10, the state’s leading news station, to present a series of high-profile panel discussions, candidate debates and forums this fall, heading into the 2012 campaign season.

Dan Jaehnig
On Tuesday, Nov. 15, NBC 10 news anchor Dan Jaehnig will host, “The Making of a Candidate — A Look at Campaign Strategies.” The event will take place in Alger Hall 110, from 11 a.m.–12:30 p.m..

We see them all over the news and around the corner . . . political hopefuls boasting about their platforms and stands on issues, working the crowd at a supermarket, a state fair, riding through a defense plant in a tank, or clearing scrub brush on a Texas ranch, all with the purpose of trying to win your vote. These events don’t just happen; they are carefully planned and heavily scripted. Photo ops, image shots, social media posts and the creation of a public persona for those seeking office are the product of strategists whose choices can make or break a candidate. Who are the people making these decisions? What are their guides and benchmarks? What do they use as a gauge for results?

This panel, comprised of local and national campaign coordinators and party leaders, will provide a look behind the scenes of those seeking elective office to try to win our votes and their races, and how important their role was in winning or losing the race. NBC 10 news anchor Dan Jaehnig hosts.

Panelists include:

Michael Trainor — Campaign Manager, Gov. Lincoln Chafee

Ken McKay — Chairman, Rhode Island Republican Party

Tony Simon — Deputy State Director, U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Stephanie DeSilva — Executive Director, Rhode Island Democratic Party

Christopher J. Farrell
 — Director of Community Outreach
 Rhode Island Department of Attorney General Peter Kilmartin; state director of Obama campaign in Alaska; “Get out the Vote” for eastern Iowa.

Nicole Giambusso — Communications Account Executive, O’Neill and Associates; press secretary for Paul Kanjorski (PA); Sheldon Whitehouse staff; field organizer for Hillary Clinton.

RIC and NBC 10 will also team up again for 2012 election coverage and political analysis during the elections.

For more information, contact Jane Fusco, director of news and PR, (401) 456-8468; jfusco@ric.edu.