New Finance Lab at RIC features latest technology, access to Bloomberg Professional data

RIC's new Finance Lab is located in Alger Hall.
RIC's new Finance Lab, located in Alger 100 is being completed with funds from a generous donation from RIC alum Kenneth Weakley ’89.

This state-of-the-art facility – expected to open in October – features 11 dual-monitor Bloomberg terminals providing access to Bloomberg Professional data and information services.

The room is also equipped with a Samsung Smart Board interactive display, and a ticker that displays data from various equity, foreign exchange, derivatives and fixed income markets. In addition, two high-definition televisions allow for coverage of various financial television networks. There will also be five world clocks showing five time zones installed shortly.

The school’s s subscription to Bloomberg Professional provides an opportunity for all students at RIC – in particular, students in the School of Management – to earn their Bloomberg Certification free of charge.

“We believe that the Certification will give our students the edge they need to find a rewarding position within the highly competitive financial services industry,” said Abbas Kazemi, RIC professor of finance. “The Bloomberg Professional is considered the gold standard in the industry for financial research and data analysis. It is the intention of our faculty to incorporate the Bloomberg Professional software into our finance courses, which will help our students master the software and earn their certifications.”

The lab also gives the RIC faculty and students the ability to access and analyze a vast array of financial and economic data, apply analytical methods, conduct interactive trading simulations and develop financial models.

The structure and schedule of the facility is tied to courses and research projects in several disciplines, especially finance, accounting and computer information systems, as well as marketing and management.

The lab will be staffed by students who are already Bloomberg certified or are in the process of completing their certifications. They will provide assistance to students, professors, employees and guests as needed.