Don Tencher cites 'team effort' in winning admissions association award

Don Tencher
Don Tencher, RIC director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Intramurals, was awarded the Friend of RIAAO Award on August 2, 2011, by the Rhode Island Association of Admissions Officers (RIAAO).

When RIAAO needed a venue for their 34th Annual Regional College Fair in 2010, Tencher offered RIC’s Recreation Center and meticulously arranged the set-up.

“Everything was easy, seamless,” according to Jennifer Mullen, RIC admissions officer and secretary of RIAAO. “Everything that we needed was provided for. There was no detail that was left unaddressed.”

Not only that, but the fair was a huge success, said Mullen – 2,500 high school students and parents filled the Rec Center, along with admissions officers from 230 institutions across the country.

In an effort to recognize Tencher’s commitment to promoting RIAAO, Mullen and Lucy Saunders, interim director of admissions, presented him with a glass plaque in the office of RIC President Nancy Carriuolo.

From left are Nancy Carriuolo, Don Tencher, Jennifer Mullen and Lucy Saunders.
Carriuolo said, “To use a baseball analogy, Don is one of the college’s most valuable players.”

But, Tencher deferred to the president: “It wouldn’t have happened without the support of the president. I brought the idea to the president and explained that if the fair was held here it had the potential to bring in hundreds of students who might not have looked at RIC. The president gave me the go-ahead.”

Tencher also cited the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for being the first to hear of the opportunity. Moreover, he said, their requirements of the facility inspired some of the new design of the Recreation Center, which is currently under renovation.

Looking at the heavy plaque in his hands, Tencher admitted, “I don’t like these things. I get the credit, but we have a great team at RIC. Anything that’s successful around here came about because of a team effort. I intend to share this honor with everyone who was involved.”