Henry Barnard second graders create book of poetry

Earlier this year, Karen Capraro, second-grade teacher at Henry Barnard School (HBS), introduced her class to poetry and the use of “beautiful language.” They were taught how to use metaphors and how to look at ordinary objects through the eyes of a poet.

Then they created their own works of poetry.

The two poems below were written by second-grade students at Henry Barnard School.

by Myles

Snow flying
wet kids
parents yelling NO! NO! NO!
in the house.

“A Soft Silky Sound”
by Hev’n

A soft silky sound
A very gently touch
A very hard wind
Blowing through your hair
You look up in the sky
And see a glazing light
You see the sun
You see beautiful houses
And your beautiful family
When you wake up
See the sun rise so
Early in the morning

On Valentine’s Day, RIC President Nancy Carriuolo visited HBS – RIC’S on-campus laboratory school – to read to the class. A student realized that the language used in the book from which she was reading was poetic, and told Carriuolo that the class had been writing poetry. Carriuolo said she would like to see their work.

Capraro decided to have the students make two copies of their poems – one to be displayed on campus, and one to be part of a “Thank You” book for Carriuolo in appreciation for her reading to them.

“My plan was to bring my poets out onto the campus where we would share our poems with a wider audience by hanging [the poems] in public spaces, “ Capraro said. “The kids were very engaged.”

Capraro had them review their poems and encouraged revision. To make the pieces visually attractive, she had the children decorate their finished pieces with watercolors.

The book for Carriuolo was completed, and on Feb. 21, the students displayed their poems in the Art Center, Gaige Hall, Adams Library, the Student Union, Horace Mann Hall and other places.

“The children were extremely proud to share their work both with the RIC community and with President Carriuolo,” Carpraro said.

The other second grade class – taught by Michelle Nonis – has also created a book of poems. Watch for these poems to be showcased around campus very soon.