RIC students forwarded to improved email service

Immediately after spring break, RIC goes Live@edu. The new student email service, hosted by Microsoft and taking effect after March 21, will be a completely automated transition.

The switch will see RIC students managing their affairs with Microsoft Live@edu, a free email, communication and collaboration service.

The new service has many added benefits for students: access from their desktop, web and mobile devices to a 10-gigabyte mailbox on Outlook Live, 25 gigabytes of free storage, document sharing and editing through Web Office Apps, instant messaging and video chat. Students will retain access to their accounts after graduation.

Student email addresses will remain the same, except for the new domain name, “email.ric.edu.” For example, the address “ssmith_1234@ric.edu” will now read “ssmith_1234@email.ric.edu.” The personal usernames students have grown accustomed to logging in with will remain unchanged.

Any email sent to a student’s existing Outlook Live account will be relayed to their new Live@edu account, and will do so for as long as the student attends college. All current student email distribution lists will remain unchanged.

Students will have access to their old RIC email accounts until July 5, when the transition period ends. The Global Address List (GAL) in the Microsoft Exchange mail system will have an updated student email listing to reflect the domain name change. The GAL will list all RIC faculty and staff, ensuring that students can easily find those email addresses as well.

There will be no changes to the email system used by RIC faculty and staff.

“While there will be some cost savings for the college, the main reason for moving students to Live@edu is the greatly increased mailbox capacity and other services they will gain,” said Richard Prull, assistant vice president for Information Services. “The students are the real winners here, and we expect them to be very pleased with this change.”

Details on the benefits of the new Microsoft Live@edu service for Rhode Island College students can be found at www.microsoft.com/student/en/us/software/live-at-edu.aspx.

Students may contact the RIC HelpCenter at helpdesk@ric.edu or 456-8803 for assistance with their new Live@edu accounts. Additional information and resources regarding Microsoft Live@edu services for students are being developed and will be accessible at www.ric.edu/technology/Liveatedu.php.