RIC now accepting applicants for Michael Gonsalves scholarship

The Michael J. Gonsalves Scholarship Fund at Rhode Island College is now seeking applicants for the 2011-12 academic year.

Michael Gonsalves, at top, in a photo from the
WHJY website, and below from the 1985 RIC
Mike Gonsalves, better known as “The Doctor” on WHJY radio, graduated from RIC in 1985 and died in The Station nightclub fire on Feb. 20, 2003. He often returned to his alma mater to mentor students interested in pursuing a career in radio. He was also an active member of Kappa Delta Phi fraternity and stayed in contact with successive classes of young men to help foster a sense of fraternity at the college.

A scholarship created by his friends to honor his memory has a natural constituency. First consideration will go to anyone directly affected by The Station fire. Since he was an active member and participant in Kappa Delta Phi, second consideration will be given to the offspring of his fraternity brothers.

However, since the pool of applicants for both these groups is finite, the scholarship will be open to students studying communication who are in good academic standing and demonstrate a strong commitment to community service.

Applicants should send a letter or email requesting support from the Michael J. Gonsalves Fund to: The RIC Foundation, attention Jim Salmo, executive director.

Students should outline their qualifications and include their status (matriculating or non-matriculating) and identification number. All applications must be received by March 31, 2011. Two equal awards will be made based on the funds available for expenditure and awardees will be notified before the start of the next academic year.

For more information, contact Thom Cahir at (401) 529-0251; thomcahir@cox.net.