RIC Dance Preview – Spring 2011

The RIC Dance Company’s 52nd Annual Spring Dance Concert, from Feb. 25-27, will feature the choreographic works of Clay Taliaferro, Billy Siegenfeld, Colleen Cavanaugh, Gary Shore and Marta Renzi.

The Feb. 27 performance will be followed by a benefit reception dedicated to the late Billie Ann Burrill, who was a RIC professor and one of the founders of RIC’s dance program. Donations will go to the endowment fund in her name in support of the Dance Area at Rhode Island College.

This year, RIC Dance Area will host the So You Wanna Be a Dance Major in College? Scholarship Competition on March 24 and 25. The event is open to prospective students ages 16-21 who are interested in studying dance as a major in college. The winner of the competition will be awarded a scholarship to Rhode Island College in pursuit of a BA in Dance Performance.

On May 5 and 6, RIC dance students will take to the stage to present their work after a year of honing their craft through challenging classes and guest residencies. The RIC Dance Company’s Annual Student Choreography Showcase will provide advanced students with an ideal venue for their work, putting the spotlight on pieces that are the result of coursework and independent projects completed throughout the academic year. It is sure to provide an evening of great entertainment for the audience.

For general information on RIC Music, RIC Theatre and RIC Dance events, call (401) 456-9883 or visit www.ric.edu/pfa .

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