College credit catch-up plan – Early Spring classes

The fall semester, being the 15-week slog it is, leaves me looking forward to the holiday season. Between finals, papers and term projects, I definitely deserve a well-earned break. However, sometimes it pays off to cut your break a little bit short and experience an Early Spring (Winter) class.

Early Spring classes at RIC are a great way to retake a class you didn’t do so well in, get a jump on the credits you need for graduation, take a prerequisite course for something offered in the spring semester or get out of the house before you’re driven mad by your family. I know that happens to me after a few weeks at home.

The semester starts on Monday, Dec. 20, and continues through Friday, Jan. 21. However, the majority of classes begin the first week of January, giving you a solid three weeks after the fall semester ends to soak in the holiday spirit and unwind before you hit the books again.

RIC’s early spring program offers classes in accounting, biology, chemistry, elementary education, health education, physical education, physics, social work, sociology, women’s studies, as well as various general education courses.

It’s important to know that the three-week intensive courses offered are strenuous. If you can’t make it to class one day it’s harder to catch up than during the regular semester. You have to be dedicated. The work is fast paced and you’re covering a lot of material rapidly. Reading the text regularly is critical to your success.

On-campus housing is available during the three weeks of January classes for a fee of $300. Tuition for the early spring semester is $250 per credit taken for in-state students and $604 for out-of-state students.

If you’re interested, you’d better hurry and sign up for classes because the deadline is Dec. 17, both for housing and registration. Good Luck with finals and happy holidays!