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Kids helping kids – Barnard School launches Locks of Love initiative

Students of Henry Barnard School perform skits and presentations to promote their new Locks of Love initiative.

Students of Henry Barnard School perform skits and presentations to promote their new Locks of Love initiative.
Locks of Love, a program dedicated to providing high-quality prosthetic hairpieces to financially disadvantaged youth suffering from long-term hair loss, became a lesson in persuasion for Henry Barnard School (HBS) fifth graders, who launched their own initiative with a presentation in the school cafeteria on Dec. 3.

To emphasize their cause, the students performed their own skits and songs, one group performed a rap song and another made a “Rube Goldberg machine,” which places a wig on a mannequin’s head. In addition, an HBS teacher and a guest had their hair cut to demonstrate the Locks of Love process.

As part of the lesson plan on persuasion the students were required to research Locks of Love, and then brainstorm different approaches to convince audience members to become involved with their initiative.

Students cheer as teacher Vanessa Percoco has her hair cut as part of a Locks of
Love demonstration.
Vanessa Percoco, a fifth-grade teacher, said that last year, HBS teachers discussed adopting a charitable cause that didn’t solicit money or items.

“Locks of Love is an organization that the children could participate in, and if they donated their hair, it wouldn’t cost anything,” said Percoco. “It’s kids helping other kids in need.”

The HBS fifth graders will host their first “cut-a-thon” in June. They plan to open the event to the college community to expand their cause and further connect HBS with the Rhode Island College community.

Donors must have hair at least 10 inches in length, which is not bleached, and the hair must be bundled in a ponytail or braid.

Nearly every year, HBS teachers develop an in-service learning project, which in the past has resulted in their students working with the American Democracy Project, The Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Providence, and a Veteran’s Drive where toiletries and other necessities were collected.

For further details about the HBS students' Locks of Love initiative, contact Vanessa Percoco at vpercoco@ric.edu.