Be a joiner!

RIC L.A.S.O. students at Halloween party in 2007.
It’s Wednesday afternoon, free period at RIC (12:30-2 p.m.), and no classes are in session.

What are you doing? Eating? Sleeping? Are you actually doing homework?!?

Why not join an org?

RIC has over 80 student organizations ranging from politics and education to sports, entertainment and charity. Best of all, they’re free to join.

During my years at RIC, I’ve joined four orgs: Harambee, L.A.S.O. (Latin American Student Organization), Communications Club and Lambda Pi Eta, the Communications Honor Society.

Being in an organization is all about being a part of something that you enjoy, a place where you can have fun and learn about yourself while meeting new people and planning and attending events that interest you.

It’s about getting to know that person next to you that you otherwise wouldn’t have found the courage to talk to. And it’s also about team building and leadership, those special hands-on experiences that can help you in future adventures.

I found that being in an organization helped me come out of my shell during my sophomore year. I became the public relations manager for Harambee, a multicultural club that promotes the African-American experience at RIC.

RIC Harambee students in Washington, D.C., for the National Black Student
Leadership Conference (with activist Jeff Johnson, center) in 2008.
Though it was a challenge, we managed to have a great year with lots of events to keep everyone occupied, informed and happy.

As in every group, of course, there were disagreements and days that we were just too lazy to get anything in order, but we learned to work together and work through the problems. We finished the year winning several awards including Organization of the Year at the college’s STORGY Awards .

Are you ready to join a club now?

If so, go to the Student Union and stop by the office of any org that interests you. Someone there will give you more information, or check the RIC website’s student organization directory.

Remember you don’t have to choose just one club. Just have fun and stay open to all the new experiences that will come your way.