RIC grad headed to Disney for Team in Training marathon

Tammy Poisson ’09, a full-time nurse in the intensive care unit at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, has joined The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training and is currently training for a marathon that will take place during Disney Marathon Weekend in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., in January 2011.

Tammy Poisson
Poisson received information in the mail about Team in Training, which sparked an immediate interest. She researched the project and attended a local meeting to obtain more information, and eventually signed up to participate.

“Now that I’m training for it, a lot of my spare time is spent fundraising,” said Poisson.

Team in Training sets minimum amounts of money to raise for each individual event. When the minimum is met, 76 percent is donated directly to the organization. Anything past the minimum amount is donated in full. Poisson was given a minimum goal of $3,500, but chose to raise it to $4,000 in hopes of exceeding the minimum amount.

While at RIC, Poisson balanced a busy schedule, but was always driven to make an impact. “I think that I always wanted to make a difference. Someone does not choose the highly stressful college career of nursing to get a job in the demanding nursing field unless they wanted to make a difference,” she said.

At RIC, Poisson was part of an honors project. Through her honors research, Poisson spent three months studying Spanish in a language institute in Costa Rica as part of the Ridgeway Shinn Jr. Study Abroad Fund.

“I feel that professors at RIC inspired me to further my learning experiences, to read all that I could to increase my knowledge of issues that affect nursing careers and patient," Poisson said. "I took this love of learning and completed an honors project, with the help of Professor Joanne Costello, about the inequalities of healthcare received by non English speaking patients.

Her research, "Finding Solutions to Language Barriers between Nurses and their Clients," can be found in the RIC library.

Poisson, who is now busy making a difference as part of the Team in Training, said, “If I have the physical ability to do something to help someone else, I’m going to do it.”

For more information on Tammy Poisson you can visit her website at http://pages.teamintraining.org/ri/wdw11/tpoisson . For more information on the Rhode Island chapter of Team in Training, visit http://www.teamintraining.org/ri/.