Bachelor of Arts in Dance Performance

Course No. Course Title Credits
DANC 110Introductory Ballet2
DANC 181Dance Company I1
DANC 210Intermediate Ballet2
DANC 215Contemporary Dance and Culture (*)4
DANC 216Intermediate Modern Dance2
DANC 281Dance Company II1
DANC 302Musical Resources for Dance3
DANC 303Dance Production3
DANC 304Choreography I3
DANC 309Dance History3
DANC 316Advanced Modern Dance2
DANC 324Improvisation/Performance2
DANC 360Seminar in Dance3
DANC 381Dance Company III1
One of the following two-course sequences
DANC 112Introductory Jazz2
DANC 212Intermediate Jazz2
DANC 114Introductory Tap Dance2
DANC 214Intermediate Tap Dance2
Three courses from
DANC 320Touring Dance3
DANC 321Dance for Musical Theatre3
DANC 322Repertory Performance3
DANC 405Choreography II3
DANC 492Independent Performance in Dance3
Six additional credit hours of courses in dance or in other disciplines, with consent of department chair. Note: Connections courses cannot be used to satisfy these requirements.6


BIOL 108Basic Principles of Biology (**)4
BIOL 231Human Anatomy4
PED 411Kinesiology3
* Fulfills the Arts–Visual and Performing category of General Education.
** Fulfills the Natural Science category of General Education.

Total Credit Hours


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