RIC General Education Second Language Requirement

Rhode Island College graduates are expected to communicate in and understand a language other than English at a novice-mid proficiency level. The Second language requirement of General Education is designed to meet that expectation.

Please Note:

  • That the Modern Language online placement test cannot be used to satisfy the language requirement. It is only a tool to select a class.
  • If a student places at the 114 level through the placement test, he or she can take French 115. Italian 115, Portuguese 115, or Span 115 and satisfy the language requirement as well as the Literature category.

The Second Language Requirement may be fulfilled in any of the following ways:

  1. By completing RIC language course 102 (and if needed, the prerequisite 101) or higher (based on departmental placement test results) with a minimum grade of C.
  2. Through transfer credit from an accredited college or university.
  3. Through transfer credit of a second language course from an approved study abroad program.
  4. Through Advanced Placement (AP) credit. If students score three or higher on the AP Test in French, German, or Spanish, RIC will award 6 credits (equivalent to RIC language courses 113 and 114). Students who wish to receive credit for language courses 101 and 102 will have to take the CLEP Test.
  5. Through Early Enrollment Program credit for language courses 113 or 114. Students who wish to receive credit for language courses 101 and 102 will have to take the CLEP Test.
  6. By completing the CLEP Test in French, German, or Spanish, with a score on the Level I test of 50 or higher.
  7. By completing the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and the written exam for languages for which there are no CLEP or AP Tests. Level: OPI (offered in 65 languages): Novice Mid to High. Written test: Novice High (offered in twelve languages).
  8. By completing the SAT II Subject Test (scores vary according to language).
  9. Foreign/International students must submit an official high school transcript from a non-English-speaking country of origin.

Page last updated: Wednesday, September 11, 2013