The Subcommittee on Civic/Community Engagement and Experiential Learning (CEEL) promulgated by the Committee on College Mission and Goals on February 28th 2103 in accordance with Article XII, Section 2, Charter and By Laws of the Council of Rhode Island College is charged with:

  1. Charge
  2. Making recommendations to the college regarding the mobilization and forward movement of civic engagement, service learning, community service, experiential learning, and engaged undergraduate research

    Specifically, the subcommittee will:

    • Identify and map community/civic engagement and experiential learning at RIC
    • Establish a common language of engagement and experiential learning for the campus
    • Recommend strategies to mobilize these efforts so that the college can fully realize its vision of preparing graduates to be good citizens and a positive force that fosters synergy within the campus community and beyond

    The subcommittee will meet four Fridays from 12:00 to 1:30 between March and November 2013:

    • March 22
    • April 19
    • September 27
    • October 25

    The subcommittee will conclude by submitting a report of their findings and recommendations to the Committee on College Mission and Goals on November 30, 2013.

    The subcommittee, per member vote, can determine if additional meetings are necessary between the given time period of March 22, 2013 and October 25, 2013.

  3. Membership
  4. Membership will consist of eight to 12 participants representing faculty, staff, community members and students.

    Spring 2013-Fall 2013
    Liz Garofalo (Co-Chair) Staff, FSEHD
    Carie Hertzberg (Co-Chair) RI Campus Compact
    Valerie Endress Faculty, FAS, Communication
    Carol Cummings Faculty, FSEHD, Community Health and Wellness
    Robyn Linde Faculty, FAS, Political Science/INGOS
    Linda Kent Davis Staff, AA, Career Development
    Wendy Becker Faculty, SSW, Bachelor of Social Work
    Chris Hourigan Staff, VPAF, Institutional Research
    Antoinette Gomes Staff, AA, Unity Center
    Marissa Weiss Staff, AA, Student Activities
    Kalina Brabeck Faculty, FSEHD, Counseling and Ed Psychology (Graduate)

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