Mathematics Alumna

Nancy Koczera

Position: Mathematics Teacher
Company Name: Woonsocket Education Department
Industry Sector: Education

What She Does

Nancy Koczera has been a Mathematics teacher at Woonsocket High School since graduating from Rhode Island College in May 2004. She teaches courses in mathematics and computer skills in a fifteen member department.

Math on the Job

To help her students meet the new high school graduation proficiency requirements, Nancy has students complete problem solving projects. These projects are week-long lessons encompassing a variety of grade span expectations. Nancy also participates in the team that grades the mathematics proficiency projects. In her previous career as an engineer, she was in charge of the quality control department for a manufacturing company. Nancy developed standards for the operators to ensure that the customer received a quality product. Mathematics and statistics were important in developing and implementing these quality improvement projects.


Nancy received a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and an M.B.A. from the University of Rhode Island. After falling in love with the training aspect of her engineering job, Nancy decided to leave manufacturing and enroll as a second degree candidate in Secondary Education (Mathematics) at Rhode Island College.

Courses in Mathematical Statistics and Quantitative Methods were especially important for her teaching career. She also uses verbal, writing and computer skills (especially Excel and Access) on a daily basis.

Advice for Students

  • Explore as many options as possible. Job shadowing an individual in a position that appeals to you is one way of learning about a particular career.
  • Become involved in sports, clubs, or other activities. Here you can develop leadership skills to use in the workforce.
  • Gain experience and insight into a field of potential interest by internships or co-op programs.

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