Computer Science Alumna

Sara Czyzewicz

Position: Interactive Developer
Company Name: Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Industry Sector: Interactive Advertising

What She Does

Sara works as a developer at an award-winning advertisement agency in Miami, FL. Interactive advertising is a presently maturing and vastly expanding sector of the advertising industry. She works collaboratively with creatives, copywriters, designers, producers; projects include interactive ads, Websites, mobile applications, kiosk systems, interactive wall / floor displays, and any other medium we can push to its creative limits. Itís a fast-paced, challenging, fun and exciting environment, requiring high passion and teamwork.

Computer Science on the Job

Sara uses problem analysis / solving and fast, efficient development skills, software engineering; research, prototyping; algorithms, various programming languages and platforms; technical documentation and commenting, UML diagrams (Really, they can be very useful), human-computer interaction (HCI), error tracking / logging, alpha / beta testing, user testing, deployment. You name it.


Sara received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and a minor in Graphic Design from Rhode Island College, then enrolled in a 9-month International Certificate Program in New Media (ICPNM) from the IMEDIA Academy in Providence, RI. Starting in her freshman year, she was very involved outside of the classroom with industrial work, research, and internships; e.g., being a Webmaster for corporate sites, learning computer graphics R&D, receiving a paid internship in Germany which included presenting a conference publication in the Netherlands, doing freelance work, and pursing honors in computer science to explore cell phone application development.

Advice for Students

  • Stay up-to-date with the job market and what skill sets are being sought. This knowledge may spark your interest in areas you hadn't considered and will help you to focus on and pursue your studies.
  • Be proactive and excited about what you're doing. Teachers and professionals want to support you, but they can't help you unless you seek their help.
  • Get involved in industry as early as possible by seeking internships, co-ops, assistantships, or related work. The opportunities are there waiting. This experience is greatly beneficial post-graduation, as even entry-level positions require prior experience; and the more contacts you have, the more opportunities you'll find.
  • Get involved or familiar with other disciplines of interest.
  • Work hard, persevere, keep a positive attitude and have fun. Your efforts will pay off!

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