Computer Science Alumnus

Lianne Elsner

Lianne Elsner Position: Software Engineer
Company Name: Raytheon
Industry Sector: Aerospace and defense

What She Does

Lianne works as a software engineer for Raytheon in Billerica, MA.  She works with other developers and engineers to create tools for the Integrated Defense Systems sector of the company.  As part of this job, she’s learning PTC’s Windchill language.  As a software engineer, your education doesn’t end with the degree!

Computer Science on the Job

Lianne is currently coding in Java and Windchill.  Her job also calls for an extensive knowledge of the software engineering methodology as well.  She also uses strong problem solving skills, proper documentation/commenting, UML, and various error tracking tools.


Lianne received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science from Rhode Island College in May of 2006.  Immediately after graduation, she enrolled in the Master of Science program in Computer Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  She expects to complete her degree in May of 2010.  While at RIC, Lianne worked as a Database Manager in the OASIS, then as a Troubleshooter in User Support Services.  After graduation, she was a Development Programmer at MEDITECH, followed by a Software Engineer at Bentley Systems.

Advice for Students

  • Learning never ends – be prepared to take post graduate classes to keep up with the latest trends.
  • Pay attention in class!  You’d be surprised to see what types of technical questions may come up at interviews (Java API, SQL, software engineering steps, etc).
  • Don’t be afraid to network – it’s much easier to land your dream job if you get to know the company and its employees first.
  • You will actually use all of the steps you learned in Software Engineering on a daily basis!
  • You have access to an excellent CS faculty – take advantage of it!  They are there to help you succeed!

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