B.A. in Computer Science

Course Requirements

Course No. Course Title Credits
CSCI 201Computer Programming I3
CSCI 221Computer Programming II3
CSCI 312Computer Organization and Architecture I4
CSCI 313Computer Organization and Architecture II3
CSCI 315Data Structures3
CSCI 325Organization of Programming Languages3
CSCI 401Software Engineering3
CSCI 423Analysis of Algorithms4
CSCI 435Operating Systems and Computer Architecture3
Three Course from
CSCI 305Functional Programming3
CSCI 415Software Testing4
CSCI 422Introduction to Computation Theory3
CSCI 427Introduction to Artificial Intelligence3
CSCI 437Introduction to Data and Computer Communications3
CSCI 455Introduction to Database Systems3
CSCI 467Computer Science Internship4
CSCI 476Advanced Topics in Computer Science4


MATH 212Calculus I4
MATH 436Discrete Mathematics3
It is recommended that students also take COMM 208; ENGL 230; MATH 209, 213, 315

Total Credit Hours


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