Course Syllabi


Required for
Sub # Description Syllabus
  MGT 100 Introd To Business Contact Professor
  MGT 203 CADD I Contact Professor
  MGT 204 CADD II Contact Professor
All MGT 249 Business Stat II Adobe PDFDownload
All MGT 301 Foundations of Management Adobe PDFDownload
  MGT 306 Mgt of a Diverse Workplace Contact Professor
  MGT 310 Small Business Management Adobe PDFDownload
  MGT 311 Entrepreneurship & New Ventures Contact Professor
  MGT 315 CIMM Contact Professor
HR MGT 320 Human Resource Management Adobe PDFDownload
HR, Gen, MKT MGT 322 Organizational Behavior Contact Professor
Gen MGT 329 Org Mgt: A Macro Perspective Adobe PDFDownload
Ops MGT 331 Occupation & Environment Safety Mgt Adobe PDFDownload
  MGT 333 Negotiations and Conflict Res. Adobe PDFDownload
Ops MGT 335 Process Analysis Contact Professor
All MGT 341 Business, Gov. & Society Adobe PDFDownload
Int MGT 342 Comparative Management Contact Professor
Int MGT 345 International Environ. of Business Contact Professor
  MGT 347 Supply Chain Mgt (see MKT 347) Contact Professor
All MGT 348 Operations Management Adobe PDFDownload
Ops MGT 349 Service Operations Mgt Contact Professor
Ops MGT 355 Quality Assurance Contact Professor
  MGT 359 Current Topics in Serv Ops Mgt Contact Professor
HR MGT 423 Compensation & Benefits Admin Adobe PDFDownload
HR MGT 424 Labor Relations Adobe PDFDownload
HR MGT 425 Recruitment and Selection Contact Professor
HR MGT 428 Human Resources Development Contact Professor
Ops MGT 455 Strategic Operations Mgt Contact Professor
All MGT 461 Seminar in Strategic Management Contact Professor
MGT 467 Directed Internship Contact Professor
MGT 490 Directed Study Contact Professor


Required for
Sub # Description Syllabus
All MKT 301 Introd to Marketing Adobe PDFDownload
MKT 310 Product Design and Dev Adobe PDFDownload
MKT 315 Marketing Creativity Adobe PDFDownload
MKT 320 Business Marketing Contact Professor
MKT 322 Services Marketing Adobe PDFDownload
MKT 323 Direct Marketing Contact Professor
Mkt, Int MKT 329 Global Marketing Contact Professor
Mkt MKT 333 Market Research Adobe PDFDownload
Mkt MKT 334 Consumer Behavior Adobe PDFDownload
MKT 335 Mktg Comm and Promotion Contact Professor
MKT 337 Retail Management Contact Professor
MKT 340 Personal Selling and Sales Mgt Adobe PDFDownload
MKT 347 Supply Chain Mgt Contact Professor
MKT 438 Advertising Adobe PDFDownload
Mkt MKT 462 Strategic Mkt Management Adobe PDFDownload
MKT 467 Directed Internship Contact Professor
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