B.S. in Management

Course Requirements

Students must consult with their assigned advisor before they will be able to register for courses.

Course No. Course Title Credits


MATH 177Quantitative Business Analysis I (*)4
MATH 248Business Statistics I (**)4
*Fulfills the Mathematics Category of General Education
**Fulfills the Advanced Quantitive Scientific Reasoning category of General Education.

Management core courses

ACCT 201Principles of Accounting I: Financial 3
ACCT 202Principles of Accounting II: Managerial3
CIS 251Computers in Management3
CIS 352Management Information Systems3
ECON 214Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON 215Principles of Macroeconomics3
FIN 301Managerial Finance and Control4
MGT 249Business Statistics II3
MGT 301Foundations of Management3
MGT 341Business, Government, and Society3
MGT 348Operations Management3
MKT 301Introduction to Marketing3
MGT 461Seminar in Strategic Management3

Core Credit Hours


Choose a Management concentration below:

General Management

Course No. Course Title Credits
MGT 320Human Resource Management3
MGT 322Organizational Behavior3
MGT 329Organizational Theory and Design3
Three additional courses in management at the 300-level or above (ACCT 443 and ECON 313 also meet this requirement)9

Total Credit Hours


Human Resource Management

Course No. Course Title Credits
MGT 320Human Resource Management3
MGT 322Organizational Behavior3
MGT 423Compensation and Benefits Administration3
MGT 424Employee Relations and Performance Appraisal3
MGT 425Recruitment and Selection3
MGT 428Human Resource Development3

Two courses from

ECON 431Labor Economics3
MGT 306Management of a Diverse Workforce3
MGT 329Organizational Theory and Design3
MGT 331Occupational and Environmental Safety Management3
MGT 333Negotiations and Conflict Resolution3
MGT 467Directed Internship3
MGT 490Directed Study3
PSYC 422Psychological Testing4
A course approved by advisor3

Total Credit Hours


International Management

Course No. Course Title Credits
FIN 434International Financial Management (not offered every semester: check with dept. chair)3
MGT 342Comparative Management3
MGT 345International Business3
MKT 329Global Marketing3

Area Studies

Two courses from the following (no more than one course may be taken from any one specific field of study):
ANTH 310Language and Culture4
ANTH 333Comparative Law and Justice4
ANTH 325-327Regional Studies in Cultural Anthropology (prerequisite: ANTH 101 or dept. chair permission)4
ECON 421International Economics3
ECON 422Economics of Developing Countries3
GEOG 200World Regional Geography4
HIST 313The Soviet Union and After4
HIST 342Islam and Politics in Modern History4
HIST 345History of China in Modern Times4
HIST 346History of Japan in Modern Times4
HIST 347Foreign Relations of East Asia in Modern Times4
HIST 349History of Contemporary Africa4
HIST 353Modern Latin America4
MGT 467Directed Internship3
POL 303International Law and Organization4
POL 315Western Legal Systems (*)3
POL 316Modern Western Political Thought (*)3
POL 317Politics and Society (*;**)3
POL 343The Politics of Western Democracies4
SSCI 310Africa3
SSCI 311Latin America3
PLUS TWO COURSES (8 credit hours) numbered 113 and 114 in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, or the equivalent in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, or Russian, or proficiency as evidenced by the successful completion of placement examinations. See department for details.
*This course is also offered by the Department of History
**This course is also offered by the Department of Sociology

Total Credit Hours


Please see department for International Management Checklist.

Operations Management

Course No. Course Title Credits
MGT 335Process Analysis3
MGT 347Supply Chain Management (*)3
MGT 355Quality Assurance3
MGT 455Strategic Operations Management3
*Or MKT 347: Supply Chain Management

Three courses from

ECON 449Applied Forecasting Techniques3
MGT 203Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) I3
MGT 322Organizational Behavior3
MGT 331Occupational and Environmental Safety Management3
MGT 349Service Operations Management3
MGT 359Current Topics in Service Operations Management3
MGT 467Directed Internship3
MKT 310Product Design and Development3
MKT 322Services Marketing3

Total Credit Hours


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