Activities and Achievements

Become part of a Navigator Network
  • All L4L Scholars are connected to a Navigator, trained peers whose primary role is to support the L4L Scholars as they work toward their academic goals.
  • Each Navigator will work to develop a network of students within each school, building bridges upon which students can reach each other and the resources they need for success.
  • Each Navigator network will include the lunch seminars as well as a dedicated blog to keep in touch and learn from each other.
Lunch Seminars
  • All L4L Scholars will have the opportunity to participate in lunch seminar with peers in their school or major and their Navigator. The sessions will serve several purposes.
    1. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about services, opportunities, supports, skills, and resources that can help further them along their path to education.
    2. Students have the opportunity to benefit from developing strong relationships with peers in their school and academic concentration. These relationships will enable students to share "insider" information that is often invaluable in education.
  • Lunch will be provided for the bi-weekly seminars!
Financial Life Management
  • L4L Scholars will be able to participate in a financial goal-setting and skill-building opportunity. L4L hopes to assist students in building a secure financial foundation in order to ensure future success.
  • The L4L finance workshops link with existing on-campus and off-campus resources to target the diverse financial learning needs of RIC students. L4L is also exploring a partnership with the RIC School of Management in developing an interactive, on-line financial life management tool.
Career Planning and Networking
  • Research shows that students who are able to link their academic path with a clear career goal are more likely to complete their education. In keeping with this theme, L4L students will be linked with the Career Development Center on campus to ensure that their academic plan aligns with their future career goals.
  • L4L will have a peer counselor stationed at the Career Development Center. This counselor will outreach to L4L Scholars regarding upcoming Career Development Center events, provide L4L Scholars with vocational interest surveys, help students identify potential mentors, and help them set up and prepare for meetings with the Career Development Counselors.
All L4L achievements come together into one LIFE MAP!
  • As students move through the L4L activities, they will work with program staff and their Navigators to develop a life map that will help guide their educational decisions. Each student's map will link their academic plan, career goals, financial goals, and social connections. The map can be used as a resource to guide conversations during academic advising sessions. The map will help students determine in which areas they might face challenges so they can be linked to appropriate resources.
Upon Successful completion of L4L activities, students will:
  • Earn a course credit (available Spring 2013)
  • Participate in a year end ceremony and celebration
  • Receive a gift that will help set them up for academic success during the following academic year

Page last updated: Tuesday, July 24, 2012