About Us

L4L is a joint effort of the RIC Office of Student Affairs and Office of Academic Affairs, with project oversight by Co-Principal Investigators - Dr. Scott Kane and Dr. Ron Pitt. The L4L team includes a network of Educational Advocates called Navigators, two Educational Support Facilitators, Project Director, and an Administrative Coordinator.

Become a Navigator: Navigators are multifaceted students from a diverse set of backgrounds and majors. If you would be interested in an internship or job as a Navigator please contact L4Linfo@ric.edu for more information. For General Information you can call (401) 456-6320, fax us at (401) 456-6322, or email infoL4L@ric.edu

Project Director Christiane Petrin Lambert
Educational Support Facilitators

LaTanya Monteiro
Educational Support Facilitator

Kelly McNulty
Educational Support Facilitator

Laura Coelho
Data Management Specialist


The L4L Navigators are a network of trained peers who are currently enrolled in the School of Social Work (as either Senior Bachelor's students or Master's students). The primary role of the Navigators is to support the L4L Scholars as they work through the personal and academic challenges that can divert attention from successful college completion. The Navigators will assist students in accessing services, supports, and opportunities, while promoting self-advocacy. Navigators will lead the L4L scholars during lunch workshops and will help program staff examine themes in the challenges facing students as a way of encouraging institutional change.

For general information, you can call (401) 456-6320, fax us at (401) 456-6322, or email infoL4L@ric.edu.

Page last updated: June 22, 2015