Courses at the 200-level

LBRS 201: U.S. Labor History

Workers and working conditions from colonial times to the present are studied. Topics include the origins of the American working class, the formation of trade unions and of the A.F. of L., industrial conflicts, and the immigrant experience.
3 credit hours

LBRS 202: Labor Law

Public policy, the arena in which labor relations are conducted, is presented. Focus is on labor law and the interpretation of legislative issues. Topics include the National Labor Relations Act, collective bargaining, and internal union affairs.
3 credit hours

LBRS 203: Structure and Function of Unions

Unions' internal mechanisms, including responses to external pressures, are studied. Topics include geography, product markets, local unions, multiunion organization, union administration and finance, and political action.
3 credit hours

LBRS 204: The Image of the Worker in American Literature

The portrayal of work and workers in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries are examined. Topics may include the work ethic, personal values, changing attitudes toward work, and the image of the worker in poetry, prose, drama, and film.
3 credit hours

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