Issues in Teaching and Learning

An online journal published at Rhode Island College

The co-editors and Editorial Board of Issues in Teaching and Learning (ITL) are pleased to bring you the latest issue of RIC's online journal. Things have changed a bit since the last issue, almost two years ago. First, the make-up of the ITL editorial team has changed. We'd like to thank Paul Saucier and Roger Clark for their contributions to ITL and we'd like to announce Mike Michaud (English) as co-editor with Joe Zornado of volume seven. Second, we've created an entirely new format for ITL which allows us to deliver this new issue right to your virtual mailbox.

ITL should not be considered the sole platform for faculty scholarship, largely because its primary purpose is to stimulate dialogue and explore pedagogical issues. It is not discipline-specific, so peer reviews are not necessarily within any author's field of scholarship. We encourage faculty members to maintain records of contributing to the literature of their disciplines, and to consider ITL as a place to address pedagogy, raise questions, and to share new insights on the process of teaching and learning, all examples of important professional service.

Page last updated: Aug. 14, 2013