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Thank you for your interest in the Innovation Lab. We welcome your ideas and value your expertise and willingness to plan and carry out collaborative projects to benefit both RIC and Central Falls.

Submit Your Project

Submit your innovative project to the leadership team by filling out the form below:

Important Considerations

  • Ponder the collaborative mission of the Innovation Lab when submitting a project. The leadership team created the approval form to assure projects’ connections to the Innovation Lab mission.
  • You will receive a written notification about your project. If approved, a period of not more than one year will be given for initial implementation. Requests for continuation must be submitted through a new approval form.
  • Approval does not come with financial support from the Innovation Lab.
  • A final report describing outcomes and lessons learned must be submitted in advance of a continuation approval.

For questions and further inquiries contact
Julie Horwitz, PhD.
Innovation Lab Coordinator- RIC
(401) 456-9013 or

Page last updated: Tuesday, August 30, 2016