Minor Requirements

The minor in International Nongovernmental Organizations Studies (INGOS) consists of 18-19 credit hours (five courses), as follows:

Course No. Course Title Credits

Required Courses

INGO 300International Nongovernmental Organizations4
INGO 301Applied Development Studies3
INGO 302International Nongovernmental Organizations and Social Entrepreneurship4
POL 203Global Politics4
One additional course chosen from the following (or other courses approved by the program coordinator):
ANTH 325Regional Studies in Cultural Anthropology - South American Indians4
ANTH 327Regional Studies in Cultural Anthropology - Other Regions4
FREN 313Modern France and the Francophone World4
FREN 460Seminar in French3
HIST 348Africa under Colonial Rule4
HIST 349History of Contemporary Africa4
HIST 352Colonial Latin America3
HIST 353Modern Latin America4
NPST 400Institute in Nonprofit Studies4
NPST 401Financial Management for Nonprofits3
POL 300Methodology in Political Science4
POL 303International Law and Organization4
POL 341The Politics of Developing Nations3
POL 342The Politics of Global Economic Change4
POL 354Interest Group Politics4
PORT 304Brazilian Literature and Culture4
PORT 305Lusophone African Literatures and Cultures4
SPAN 313Latin American Literature and Culture: From Eighteenth Century4
Note: Substitutions may be made with consent of the program director.

Total Credit Hours


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