Completing the Departmental Honors Project

1. Click to download Title Page and Adobe PDFSignature Page forms for Departmental Honors Project.

2. Submitting Honors Projects to the Library - click here for information

3. Departmental Honors Project Completion Form

Students completing senior honors projects are required to fill out and submit the following on-line form. The results will be recorded in a printed catalog celebrating the accomplishments of honors students.

If there are any questions about the form, please contact the Director of Honors.

Student Name (Last, First):
Academic Major:
Completion Date of the Project (e.g., Spring 2007):
Title of Honors Project:
Advisor's Name and Department (First Name, Last Name, Dept):
Brief summary of your project (not to exceed 200 words):

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Page last updated: Tuesday, March 21, 2017