Spring 2014 Schedule

First Year Seminar

Honors 100: Food and Culture E. Miller MW 2-3:50 4cr


Honors 264: Freedom and Responsibility A. Smuts MW 10-11:50 4cr
Honors 264: New Global Village M. Motte  TTh 2-3:50 4cr
Honors 264: Hip Hop K. Saucier MW 2-3:50 4cr

Junior Year Colloquium

Honors 351-01: Honors Colloquium A. Shonkwiler F 2:30-3:50 2cr

Area Distributions

(H) History 105H: Latin America in the World D. Espinosa  MW 2-3:50 4cr

(NS) Biology 100H: Fundamentals of Biology

B. Govenar TTh 9:30-10:50; W 9-11:50 4cr
(M) Mathematics 139H: Contemporary Topics R. Sparks MW 8-9:50 4cr

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