Bachelor of Arts in History

Course Requirements

Course No. Course Title Credits
HIST 200The Nature of Historical Inquiry4
HIST 361Seminar in History4

One course each from Categories A, B, and C.

Category A: U.S. History
HIST 201U.S. History to 18774
HIST 202U.S. History from 1877 to the Present4
HIST 320American Colonial History4
HIST 321The American Revolution4
HIST 322The Early American Republic4
HIST 323The Emergence of Modern America4
HIST 324America, 1914 to 19454
HIST 325America since 19454
HIST 326American Cultural History: The Nineteenth Century4
HIST 327American Cultural History: The Twentieth Century4
HIST 328History of the American West4
HIST 329Civil War and Reconstruction4
HIST 330History of American Immigration4
HIST 331Rhode Island History4
HIST 332The American Presidency4
HIST 333Women in American History4
HIST 334The Black Experience in America4
HIST 335American Foreign Policy: 1945 to the Present4
HIST 336The United States and the Emerging World4
Category B: Western History
HIST 300History of Greece4
HIST 301Alexander and the Hellenistic World4
HIST 302The Roman Republic4
HIST 303The Roman Empire4
HIST 304Medieval History4
HIST 305The Age of the Renaissance4
HIST 306The Age of the Reformation4
HIST 307Europe in the Age of Enlightenment4
HIST 308Europe in the Age of Revolution, 1789 to 18504
HIST 309Europe in the Age of Nationalism, 1850 to 19144
HIST 310Twentieth-Century Europe4
HIST 311The Origins of Russia to 17004
HIST 312Russia from Peter to Lenin4
HIST 313The Soviet Union and After4
HIST 314Women in European History4
HIST 315Western Legal Systems4
HIST 316Modern Western Political Thought4
HIST 317Politics and Society4
HIST 318Tudor-Stuart England4
HIST 352Colonial Latin America3
HIST 323The Emergence of Modern America4
Category C: Non-Western History
HIST 340The Muslim World from the Age of Muhammad to 18004
HIST 341The Muslim World in Modern Times, 1800 to the Present4
HIST 342Islam and Politics in Modern History4
HIST 344History of East Asia to 16004
HIST 345History of China in Modern Times4
HIST 346History of Japan in Modern Times4
HIST 347Foreign Relations of East Asia in Modern Times4
HIST 348Africa under Colonial Rule4
HIST 349History of Contemporary Africa4
Five courses in a concentration focused on one of the following: a particular time period, region, or integrative thematic principle. Note: Connections courses cannot be used to satisfy these requirements.20

Total Credit Hours


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