Joanne Schneider

Building 2 (B2) 101
(401) 456-8039

Academic Background

Schneider, former Chair of the History Department (2002-2008) and former Director of Women’s Studies (1999-2001), is deeply involved with the Shinn Study Abroad Fund Scholarship Program, having served as the Chair of the Awards Committee since 1996. She is a past President of the New England Historical Association and has held the post of President of the Humanities Forum of Rhode Island. She is a member of the First Baptist Church in America and works as a volunteer tour guide for that National Historic Trust site. When not involved with academic and related interests especially those involving travels in Europe, Joanne is an avid sports fan (Yankees, Patriots and the Celtics) and is an active sportswoman herself, water skiing, sailing and snow skiing. She resides with her husband Arthur Bone in Lincoln, Rhode Island, along with her two cats, Olivia and Brady.

Courses Taught

FYS 100 The Holocaust: Reaching Beyond Anne Frank
HIST 161 Western History
HIST 200 Nature of Historical Inquiry
HIST 307 Europe in Age of Enlightenment
HIST 309 Europe in the Age of Nationalism
HIST 310 Twentieth Century Europe
HIST 314 Women in European History
HIST 355 Everyday Life History
HIST 381 Workshop
HIST 551 Topics
HONR 162 Seminar in Western History

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